Q: Will this kit enable me to get a job?
A. It is not designed specifically for that but if you master the fundamentals taught in our building block process, it is possible for you to work as a professional bartender

Q: What if I want to make more than one of the same drink?
A: Just double, triple or quadruple the recipe if you want to make two, three or four drinks respectively.

Q: Tell me about your drink menu?
A: Our visually pleasing drink menu is designed to be a show piece that sits on your bar-top. It gives your guests the option of choosing their favorite cocktails made from the 6 Bottle Method

Q: Do I have to garnish all of my drinks?
A: For yourself it is optional. For your friends, it is mandatory.

Q: Do I still have to hire a bartender for parties at my home?
A: It depends on the number of people you have. If you have between 6-30 guests, you can handle it easily (and enjoy doing it!). Everyone at parties gravitate to the bar, itís your party so make it memorable!

Q: Can this video really make me a competent bartender?
A: Absolutely, if you follow the instructions provided in the video. Practice makes perfect. Itís up to you.

Q: Where can I purchase extra bar tools?
A: Go to www.HappyHourAtHome.com, click on Shopping cart icon and select tools.

Q: What drinks can I make with Happy Hour at Home?
A: Go to HappyHourAtHome.com and click Happy Hour Kit Icon and select Drink List.

Q: Can I really make restaurant quality drinks for a fraction of the price?
A: Yes. Once you discover our economical way of making drinks at home, you can pay liquor store prices instead of bar prices. For example, a bottle of Imported Beer at a Bar will cost you $5.00 but if you bought a case of Imported Beer at the liquor store you would pay $1. The same goes with alcohol.

Q: Will my drinks look like the drinks in the video?
A: Yes, you are using the exact same ingredients and methods of preparation.